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Document Requirements:

See the User Guide for detailed guidelines for preparing your documents to be e-filed to avoid rejections.  Here are a few important points:

  • Document should be 8 ½ x 11 Portrait
  • 1” top margin
  • Consecutively numbered pages
  • Signatures can be graphic image of signature, scanned signature, or electronic signature (/s/ attorney name)
  • Saved file name must be less than 100 characters
  • File size must be less than 50 MB (separate large files into parts)
  • Envelope size must be less than 75 MB (submit in multiple envelopes if necessary)
  • Documents must be .pdf format – scanned is usually acceptable but saved directly to .pdf is preferred
  • .pdf must be OCR scanned to make it searchable
  • Double check to make sure all pages are included in the .pdf
  • Fillable .pdf forms will be missing the filled in information unless you use “print to .pdf” instead “save” – print and scan also works
  • Initial filings – some counties do not allow you to choose which court to file in.  Check with clerk before pre-filling cause number info on initial documents
  • Parties with a/k/a or d/b/a in their name – these can appear on the actual documents, but do not include a/k/a or d/b/a in the party field in the e-filing system.  The system will not accept it.  The clerk will make sure the parties are entered correctly in its case management system.


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