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Getting Started:  Important Terms to Know


Initial Filing:  complaint/new case

Subsequent Filing:  any document filed to an already existing case

Filing:  a document to be submitted for filing – numerous filings or documents can be filed together in the same case (i.e. complaint, appearance, summons – all filed together)

Envelope:  contains all filings being submitted together for a case and is assigned an ID # that appears on email notices

Notice of Electronic Filing:  (“NEF”). Notice of Electronic Filing is the notice generated automatically when a document is submitted and transmitted through the Indiana E-Filing System, which sets forth the time of transmission, the name of the court, User, party or attorney transmitting the document, the title of the document, the type of document, and the name of the court, attorney, party, or other person meant to receive the Notice. The time noted in a Notice of Electronic Filing will be the time at the location of the court where the case is pending. A Notice of Electronic Filing will appear immediately on the User’s screen upon submission of the document for E-filing. This is your proof of filing. 

Service Contact:  attorney of record or person to be served with copies

Each document to be filed is either a Lead Document or an Attachment (choose from a drop down menu)

Each document to be filed is either Public or Confidential (choose from a drop down menu)

Each document is assigned a Document Code (type) – below are the options (choose from a drop down menu):

  • Answer
  • Appearance
  • Certificate of Issuance of Summons
  • Complaint/Equivalent Pleading
  • Motion
  • Notice of Exclusion of Confidential Information
  • Petition
  • Proposed Notice
  • Proposed Order Filed
  • Return of Service
  • Service Only
  • Subpoena/Summons Filed 
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