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A wide variety of paralegal programs are available for those seeking paralegal education and training.  NIPA does not endorse any specific educational program. See NFPA's website for information about what to look for when selecting a program that meets your personal needs.

The American Bar Association Standing Committee on Paralegals provides a list of approved programs by state. These programs have met the educational guidelines adopted by the American Bar Association ABA Approved Paralegal Programs.

The American Association for Paralegal Education provides a directory of member programs.  The AAfPE provides standards for quality paralegal education programs.  AAfPE.

Paralegal programs offer associate degrees, bachelor degrees, certificate programs and masters degrees. The guidelines set forth by the ABA and AAfPE provide valuable information when choosing a quality program. See NFPA's Position Statement Regarding Short-Term Paralegal Programs for information regarding what standards to look for when choosing a short-term paralegal education program.

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