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E-filing State Court – Confidential Information

There are very specific rules about e-filing documents that contain confidential information to comply with Admin Rule 9 (formerly the green paper procedure).  See Indiana Rules on Access to Court Records - Rule 5 re: filing confidential information not for public access and Admin Rule 9 for detailed rules.  No longer use green paper.

The Guide to Filing Confidential Information is a helpful tool when filing confidential information. This chart tool helps to determine the specific requirements in various situations.

In most (but not all) cases, you will be filing the following:

     1)  Redacted version of your document (Lead Document - Public);

     2)  Unredacted (not for public access) version of your document (Attachment - Confidential); and

     3)  Notice of Exclusion (Lead Document - Public).  

A Notice of Exclusion is required when filing redacted documents.  This document must state the specific provision of the Access to Court Records Rule 5 that applies.  See the FORMS page.

Document Requirements for the unredacted (not for public access) version of your document:

  • First page conspicuously marked “Not for Public Access” or “Confidential,” with the caption and number of the case clearly   designated. 
  • Unredacted version should include all information (confidential and public information)
  • Each page containing confidential information should be identified with a header, label, or stamp that states, “CONFIDENTIAL PER A.R. 9(G)” or “EXCLUDED FROM PUBLIC ACCESS PER A.R. 9(G).”
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