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E-filing State Court – Confidential Information

There are very specific rules about e-filing documents that contain confidential information to comply with Admin Rule 9 (formerly the green paper procedure).  See Trial Rule 86(M) re: filing confidential information not for public access and Admin Rule 9 for detailed rules.  No longer use green paper.

The Guide to Filing Confidential Information is a helpful tool when filing confidential information. This chart tool helps to determine the specific requirements in various situations.

In most (but not all) cases, you will be filing the following:

     1)  Redacted version of your document (Lead Document - Public);

     2)  Unredacted (not for public access) version of your document (Attachment - Confidential); and

     3)  Notice of Exclusion (Lead Document - Public).  

A Notice of Exclusion is required when filing redacted documents.  This document must state the specific provision of Admin Rule 9G that applies.  See the FORMS page.

Document Requirements for the unredacted (not for public access) version of your document:

  • First page conspicuously marked “Not for Public Access” or “Confidential,” with the caption and number of the case clearly   designated. 
  • Unredacted version should include all information (confidential and public information)
  • Each page containing confidential information should be identified with a header, label, or stamp that states, “CONFIDENTIAL PER A.R. 9(G)” or “EXCLUDED FROM PUBLIC ACCESS PER A.R. 9(G).”
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