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Enhance your paralegal skills through Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

Why Do I Need CLE?

Paralegals play a role in providing legal services to the public. High standards of education and training are required to ensure the quality of legal services provided. Continuing Legal Education offers paralegals the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skill base in all areas and to stay informed of changes in the law or rules that impact the areas of law in which they work. Paralegals who have achieved a credential are required to complete an average of 6 hours of CLE each year, including 1 hour of CLE in ethics. It is recommended that all paralegals follow this guideline. NFPA further explains why it recommends CLE for paralegals: 

"The law is an ever evolving being – it is not just what is written in a book, but what is decided by the highest courts today and tomorrow. What was good law one day, may not be so tomorrow. So too is the ever evolving world of technology as it effects the practice of law. Thus, to keep abreast of what is new, paralegals need to take CLE. It makes you a better paralegal and a more valuable asset to your firm or legal department."


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Where Can I Get CLE?

CLE opportunities include live seminars, webinars, and webcasts. Below is a general list of organizations that provide CLE.


The Northeast Indiana Paralegal Association offers CLE through its monthly luncheon speakers and annual seminar. NIPA's monthly CLE is free to members. Members can fulfill the recommended 6 hours of CLE at a low cost. See NIPA's upcoming events.


The National Federal of Paralegal Associations offers a range of CLE opportunities specifically designed for paralegals including convenient webinars. NFPA offers a schedule of upcoming CLE Events as well as recordings from past CLE events.




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