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New Case:

The Clerk will no longer issue the summons and complaint for service.  The Clerk will return the summons to the filer to issue for service.  Return of service should be directed to the clerk.  Below is the procedure for filing a new case. 

  • E-file complaint or initial filing with summons and appearance
  • Receive file-stamped documents and sealed summons attached to the Acceptance Email
  • Issue summons and file-stamped documents for service by one of the following methods:
    • Certified Mail
      • Green Card must include the Cause Number and be addressed to return to the Clerk’s Office
      • E-file Certificate of Issuance of Summons
      • Monitor docket or USPS tracking to confirm successful service
    • Personal Service
      • Forward documents to process server
      • E-file Affidavit of Service once service is complete
    • Sheriff
      • Determine if $25 check needed or if already paid with filing fee – varies by county CHECK HERE
      • Forward documents to Sheriff for service with letter instructing Sheriff to return service directly to the Clerk
    • Publication
      • Send documents for publication with instructions that confirmation of service be directed to the Clerk.

Existing Case:

When filing documents to an existing case, documents may be served via the E-filing System if the parties to be served are Service Contacts on the case or can be added from the Public Directory of Service Contacts. If an attorney is not included on the Public Directory, service must be completed conventionally.  A new certificate of service form can be found on the FORMS page.  Language is included for both e-service and conventional service. Since you may not know which type of service will be required before saving your document for filing, you can file your certificate of service as a separate document. 

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