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Service Contacts

Once you have set up an account with a service provider, you will enter your attorney as a Service Contact.  If you have a firm account, the firm will have already set up the firm attorneys as service contacts. Here are a few important notes about Service Contacts:

  • Service Contacts can be included on the Public Directory of Service Contacts.  The Public Directory can be used by anyone who wishes to select a contact from the list to serve electronically. 

  • When filing to a case, be sure to select all attorneys of record as Service Contacts connected to that case, including the attorney submitting the filing.  Attorneys of record are not automatically connected to a case as a Service Contact.

  • You may add opposing counsel to a case as a Service Contact by finding that attorney on the Public Directory of Service Contacts. If opposing counsel does not appear on the Public Directory, you must serve conventionally.

  • You cannot remove an attorney outside of your firm as a Service Contact in a case. You can elect not to serve that contact on a particular filing. 

  • If an attorney withdraws from a case, they must remove themselves as a Service Contact on that case if they wish to stop receiving service in that case. 
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