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Needed: Paralegal Mentors

March 01, 2024 1:15 PM | Jennifer Mahoney (Administrator)

The role of paralegals is changing at a record pace. To be a successful paralegal in the future job market, today's paralegals need more than a few hours of training from co-workers. They will need mentors to help them build and grow the skills they will need. These are just a few areas where experienced paralegals can become mentors:

1. Technology

Technology is changing the landscape of the way legal services are provided. Gone are the days where you could declare yourself as "not techie" and dodge the technology bullet. If you have a passion for technology and how to use your firm's technology resources to their fullest, be willing to share your tips and tricks with new paralegals or those who struggle with technology.

2. People Skills

While paralegals once flourished in cubicles at the back of the office, remote work is here to stay and is changing how we work together and how we work with clients. Paralegals will need the skills necessary to successfully navigate relationships. If you thrive in the remote work environment, take the time to help those who may struggle by being available for in-person conversations and offer tips for how you might be successfully working with attorneys who never come to the office or using technology to communicate effectively with clients to keep them informed and feeling connected.

3. Continuing Education

There is no such thing as too much knowledge. Take advantage of CLE and other opportunities to learn more about your paralegal role and encourage other paralegals to participate. If you are very experienced, consider teaching a course or offering to speak on topics that will help others benefit from our experience.

Taking the time to mentor someone in small ways can make all the difference in their future success.


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